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About Me--Carol Kim

As a young girl, I dreamed about becoming an author.

But like many dreams, I let this one lie buried beneath layers of doubt, fear, and judgement for many, many years.

But also like many dreams that we hold deep in our hearts, it kept calling to me. Until finally one day, I realized that if I never made any effort to try to become a writer, I would be left in that terrible state of being—the state of “almost.”

Today, I am a published children’s book author. You can Google my name or look me up on Amazon, and you will find actual books published WITH MY NAME ON THE COVER.

It truly is a dream come true.

My first published books have been work-for-hire projects (which I highly recommend for anyone interested in getting started with writing for kids). I’ve written both fiction and non-fiction, for elementary age kids through high-school.

I’m also working on a few nonfiction picture book projects. that I hope to get traditionally published. AND MY DEBUT TRADE BOOK IS COMING OUT IN OCTOBER 2021!!!

Since fully immersing myself in the world of kidlit, I have been introduced to the most amazing, friendly, supportive, talented, and all-around wonderful group of people I’ve ever met. I believe the kidlit community is unique. Everyone is eager to help out their fellow creative, and one person’s success is celebrated as a success for all.

I am proud to be a member of this community, and if you are new to it, welcome!

Feel free to say hello, ask questions, offer suggestions, or just send me funny memes or inspirational quotes.

I’d love to meet you, and go on this journey together.