Want to write for children

But don't know how to get started?

Write my own book

Get all the information you need to take your first steps toward writing your children’s book.

A great place to start is with some trusted, helpful resources. 

That’s why I’ve created a Resource Guide for Aspiring Children’s Writers. 

This guide contains numerous organizations, books, websites, podcasts, and courses that you can explore to learn all you need to know about writing a children’s book.


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Ultimate Resource Guide
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Ultimate Resource Guide for Aspiring Children's Writers

Do you have an idea for a children’s book that you’ve been carrying around for years?

Or have you been thinking writing for children could be really fun and cool?

Or maybe some event in your life–such as becoming a parent or teacher–has sparked a new desire to write a children’s book.

Whatever it is, you want to write for children.

But you don’t have a CLUE about how to get started. 

It can be overwhelming

If you just had an idea of where you could go to get the information you need, you could take the first steps toward writing your book.

Head shot

Hi, I’m Carol Kim, and I want to help you realize your dream of writing a children’s book.

I know that helpless feeling of wanting to write a children’s book, but not knowing even the first step to take.

It took me years to finally figure out where to look and what I needed to know so I could actually start writing my books!

It shouldn’t be that hard.

Now that I’m a traditionally published children’s author, I have learned a lot about the who, what, and where of finding the best resources for aspiring writers. 

It is such a great feeling when you finally write your book! I remember the emotions of joy, relief, and accomplishment that went with it. 

You can experience those feelings too–but you have to take the right steps to get there!

Download my free resource guide so you can get started!